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Hey all. This community is a celebration of the music of Derek DePrator. He has a show coming up the fifteenth, a new record on the way, so I figured, fuck, we've got something to talk abot. So lets talk, yo.

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Dear Lord.

Let physical woe not cost my my day job. I really feel awful, albeit this shall be brief.\\

Intestines. Ugh. Pain cramping drugs double shot of morphine and still pain. Baby Mell mow mow wowwing behind me. What are you trying to tell me, tiny panther?

Cross posting madness. Following communities are alive and active if you chose to make it so.

As far as me. And music goes:

I am writing. I am recording analog love songs and heartaches into a 4 track in my attic. A new album SHOULD be coming soon. Keep your innards crossed. Still smarting over the fact that Mr. Declan MacManus married Diana Krall over me. Grrr.

Join and support and explore the following I implore you::


About Derek, also my guitarist


About Chloe, a great loss to th cleveland whatever. she's also flavor of the month on http://www.peppermcgowan.com


I do not have anything to do with this nor do I moderate it in any way bu if you wanna takl my tunes, this is where people allegedly gather to do so along with decided what actress should most play me in the movie of my life should one ever be made (unmotivation on a skyilne of deadeyed factories, part one)

I have a Billy Joel song in my head. The matter of trust one. Thanks for haunting me you big ole bastard!